Week 5 – The Unveiling

Well, here it is Halloween 2010 – and I’m feeling like I have been wearing a Mask for a very long time. This week’s assignment to write a Press Release has me reeling and peeling away layers of identity – in 42 years I have probably done more things that were either proscribed or expected than things I wanted to do.  That’s true for most of us  would guess. We start off living with the rules of our home, trying to meet expectations for some of the most complex things we will ever do in our lives – learning to walk and talk. Imagine that. Babies don’t feel pressure to do these things, they happen naturally most all of the time.  But, unbeknown to the babies, there is very real pressure to see that these things happen in a timely manner – especially for new parents there can be significant social and familial pressure. The babies – well, they just go about their business but it’s not long before expectations become a real thing in our young world and just never seem to let up.

By the time we are 7 or 8, we start getting asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  It seems like such an innocent question. And it really is. Often times, kids simply offer the information based on experiences – they observe a musician, a teacher, a dancer, a firefighter or police officer and they make an identification with that role as something they want to be.  When I was a kid I wanted to be a teacher, an actor, a singer, a dancer, and a neurosurgeon.  Not all at once but it was very definite. I still want to be all of these things!  So if I’m “grown up” and I still don’t know what I want to be, how can I possibly think that my 8 year old daughter knows what she wants to be? She probably has a million ideas – me, I’m trying to figure out how much time is left to manifest something of myself; which makes it a bit of a challenge to write my Press Release.

After reading several of the week 5 blogs I realized that my DMP is still so OFF.  And in fact, I am not sure I have yet discovered what it really is.    Let me ask you all a question, are any of you afraid to accept or admit that what you want is something unexpected? I mean, something like – what you really want is to be a librarian or a newspaper columnist – rather than a double diamond emerald vice president in your network marketing company?  Or, maybe the point is that your network marketing business achievements are a gateway to becoming the librarian or the newspaper columnist?

Which circles me me back to the masks metaphor.  If we have spent our lives meeting the expectations of others.  Be it going to college, getting a certain job, living a certain lifestyle, believing a certain set of beliefs – and now, our Master Keys class is asking us to be HONEST about what WE want – that is a tall order in my opinion.  Writing a Press Release about what we have become when we have spent so little time really thinking about that since we became young adults and were, in many cases, pigeon holed by parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and such – setting aside “childhood dreams” and becoming “grown ups” – well, that’s taking off the masks that have been piled on with each new role we have taken on since that time.

So…. here it is, Halloween 2010 and instead of dressing up like someone or something else, I’m trying to go “disguised” as myself – just not sure who that is yet.


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Writer’s Block – Week 4

Okay, week 4. I have got not one thing to say. Seems odd for me in a way but it’s true. This has been the hardest week for me so far – I’m struggling with the information presented in the videos. I watched them. Over and over again.  I feel guilty for not believing.  I feel concerned that if I don’t believe, that I can’t really be part of this Master Mind.  I find myself wondering if it’s necessary to believe the videos in order to have success – certainly there are things that are true even if we don’t believe they are. And on the flip side, there are things that are not true, even if we DO believe they are.

Is the validity of the science presented in the videos really that important? I mean, I was doing okay with the work and the reading and feeling pretty good until I saw the videos. So does it really matter what I think about the videos – is it reasonable to say “well, I don’t need the videos in order to decide if the Master Key course is right for me or not” ?

I know the argument was put to us that we would all quit after the videos – some would quit the course because the information was too “out there” and the rest would quit being half -hearted about the work and the commitment.  So that leaves me confused because I was not at all half-hearted BEFORE the videos and my view of the information was not that it was “out there” but simply that it’s not good science.

Seems I could actually go on so maybe I don’t have writer’s block after all. However, the wisdom of continuing this editorial is suspect. I have no agenda here with regard to our very esteemed class leaders whom I adore and trust. I have no agenda here with regard to other members of the course. It is simply my own inner musings brought outward to see what to make of it all.

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The Week Three Itchies…

So… here we are in week three – just over the hump of the week – this is the point at which new habits are just at the point of crossing over from something we feel obliged to do into things that are part of our daily existence because they just are. And you know what – it’s itchy.

Change is hard.  Lasting change is dang near impossible without the structure, support and tools that we are getting as part of the Master Keys class.  Change makes me itch. I crave change but it always makes me edgy, antsy, itchy, generally uncomfortable. Kinda like shedding old skin and breaking in new shoes at the same time!  But I really like the new skin and new shoes so.. despite being itchy and a bit uncomfortable at the moment… I will keep moving forward – how about you?


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What We Do When No One’s Looking – Week 2

Remember those Brach’s Candy displays in the grocery store? The candies all displayed in their bins, easily accessible for “sampling”?  But on the top of the display was a little metal box with a slot for coins on the top – because really, you were supposed to put in a quarter for your candy – but shoot, you just don’t have a quarter and no-one’s looking and it’s just one Caramel… Ah the HONOR SYSTEM – what we do when no-one is looking.

The Master Key class has so much of that system it’s really incredible.  Of course we have homework that has to be accounted for to keep our scholarships but what about the things we have to do every day that our class leaders and fellow classmates have to just assume we are doing – I mean ALL THAT READING!  Even worse the reading OUTLOUD and with GUSTO!  Being an Actress at heart, this part is fun for me – in fact I would rather read it all outloud all the time!  But the thing is there is really no way for anyone to know if you or I are doing those things….  ultimately we have to decide, every day, three times a day, to do what we have agreed to do.

AGREED TO DO.  Now that’s where this get’s interesting.  With those “honor” boxes it’s about what you are “supposed” to do. Or when you are dieting – what do you eat when no-one is looking or when you are out to dinner at the Cheesecake factory – see, then it’s all about what you are ‘supposed’ to do – we even say that word when we justify ourselves “Well, I’m not SUPPOSED to eat an entire cheesecake but it’s so yummy and it’s a special occasion, and it’s just this once time, and I was really good all week, and … and…. and.”

But with the Master Keys Course – it is not just what we are supposed to do it is what we have AGREED to do – we have a CONTRACT with our leaders, Mark and Davene, with the other members of the class, with our families, perhaps our spiritual guide and certainly ourselves – we were granted a scholarship for this fellowship and as such we AGREED that to remain in good standing we WOULD do the work, even the work that isn’t “monitored”.

None of us is perfect, some of us have probably skipped a reading or two – maybe not even intentionally – but if we put our reading on our OATS every week, with the TIME we are going to do the work each day – then it’s just a matter of doing it and checking it off the list each day. If we are not doing that, how can we ever hope to be successful in our businesses? Right now, at the end of week two – it might still be hard to see how each of these tasks fit together but they really do and if you have not seen the effect of that yet, you will as long as you are doing what you AGREED to do!

Now then,  I’m “supposed” to go do the dishes so… I better get on that!


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Hello world! – Week 1

I know it is customary to change this “default” post into something “original” but how much more appropriate could the title be given the extreme journey that I and so many others have suddenly embarked upon.  So… “Hello World!” indeed!

In 1977 a little film was released that went on to become a worldwide phenomenon – a crazy story about people living in a “galaxy far, far, away…”  I was 10 – I saw Star Wars in the movie theater 14 times in 1977 and have now seen it so many times I can’t count them all.  One of the most incredible things about the first movie, more than any of the others in the series, is that people STILL quote, paraphrase and mis-quote Master Yoda. Usually it is the “there is no try” bit, but one of the other powerful scenes is when Yoda lifts Luke’s ship out of the swamp and to dry land by using the Force.  Luke exclaims “I don’t believe it!” Yoda retorts “That is why you fail”.

Long before the start of this Master Keys journey I was blessed with meeting our fearless leaders, Mark J and the Fabulous Davene through a mutual friend (thank you Henry Vigeant). I knew, in my core, that I was meant to meet them and learn from them.  Yet, like Luke – I simply refused to believe. Like Luke, I could see that what they were trying to teach worked. I could see others who followed and had success. Alas, like Luke, I felt it was just too big for me.  I could move the small stones but the Ship? Too Big – in my mind – I just couldn’t believe.  And so… I failed. Repeatedly.  I started to feel really bad about myself and really guilty about my inability to meet my stated objectives or goals.

Days turned into weeks.  I started to cancel appointments because I couldn’t get enough people to call.  I began to feel distant and disconnected from the team because I was removing myself out of shame and guilt which then created frustration and mistrust and more doubt and more fear and more disbelief.   I guess lots of people might say that all this “belief” stuff is hokey (one of my Mom’s favorite words).  In the 80’s we might have called it “New Age” or “Pop Psychology” – meaning that somehow it was not backed up by real evidence or science.

Today we know better. We know that top athletes use visualization  as a tool to create winning experiences. We know that box office stars do so much more than “get into” a character – they actually “BECOME” that character (at least the best of the best usually do), we know that successful entrepreneurs have “real vision” and passion for what they do and they never give up. All of these things, while not proven in test tubes by people in white coats, are anecdotal nevertheless they are true. Yes, with some of these examples, there is often a specific skill like in sports or medicine or entertainment but that skill may never reach full potential without the BELIEF.  And it is this that separates the greats from the also-rans.

Admittedly, I am guilty of thinking that this “stuff” seems “hokey”.  But that was THEN and this is NOW.  Here’s what changed for me.  I told Mark just a couple of weeks ago that the reason I was failing in network marketing was because I didn’t want to succeed.  After all, I said, I have never not succeeded at anything I really wanted to do – College, Check, Ivy League Grad School, Check, Post graduate fellowship, Check, Work for Big 5 Accounting/Consulting Firm, Check, Own my own real estate company, Check times 3.  Therefore, it seemed to me, I must not really want to be successful in network marketing.

Mark, the Lord Bless him, said, “I understand. I understand” LOL! Yeah, you probably saw that coming!  Then he said it was okay and that I was still allowed to be part of the Master Key course if I did the work.  He warned me about the subconscious decision to quit before even getting started but, I LOVE learning so I was not worried about that happening.  But here’s what I didn’t expect – I didn’t expect the nearly instantaneous change that happened when we got our first assignment. As soon as I began reading the first scroll three times a day, and my DMP (which SO needs an overhaul ALREADY) OUTLOUD and with FEELING, three times a day, and the Blue Print OUTLOUD and with FEELING once per day… and as soon as I did my OATS (which really seemed to not go so well).. As soon as I DID those things –  something remarkable happened to me.  I felt GOOD.

I mean, I FEEL really GOOD.  I went out two days in a row and MADE SALES – COLD CALL SALES no less.  I didn’t listen to anyone telling me how to dress, what to say or anything – I went as ME. Now most of you will never meet me in person but I am …. well, put it this way, even when I am the MOST pulled together, my appearance is still slightly disheveled. I don’t know why exactly, just am.  So instead of trying to get myself together, I went out as myself, I played ME and not some pieced together, rehearsed, version of me.  The words came easily. I laughed. I felt a new kind of confidence.  The business owners readily accepted me and my information – they were ready to buy my next suggestion, ready to get the additional information. And it felt GREAT! Some of that confidence comes from knowing, without hesitation, that what I am bringing these businesses will benefit them and is a very high quality product but, that’s just a very small piece – the real golden nugget is that I believe the Blue Print, and I believe Scroll I, and I believe, Part one of the Master Keys, and I believe my DMP, I believe that what we are doing with this journey is the “real deal” and, I believe I am going to be the greatest sales(wo)man in the world!

So… thank you Mark, Davene, Henry and everyone on this journey – thank you for being here for me – I hope in some way I will be able to be there for you as well as we go along.

“Hello World!”



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